Aligarh Movie Sunday Collection | Third & 3rd Day Box Office Collection

Bollywood recent released movie Aligarh has been completed his third day with some good amount.Sunday is the third day of Hansal Mehta’s directed movie Aligarh.Box office collection is the best ways to judge the any movie because every film are depends on these,if film was get the good collection and cover the budget amount,so film was hit and movie has not recover his amount,it means film was flop.

Apruva Ansari’s movie has done a good job and audience has come out their homes to watch this film on cinema hall,Aligarh movie is based on real plot of one professor, who is basically a homosexual and transgender.One day he come he college stuff room,talk with some teacher and by mistake all the teacher has know that Manoj Bajpai has change his sexual status.

If we talk about the movie box office collection,then sunday box office collection of Aligarh movie is expected approx 1 to 2 crore.The amount is low but this types of real based movie has given his messages.Aligarh sunday box office collection is going in right direction.

Manoj Bajpayee has done a brilliant job in this film,as we all knew that Manoj always gives his 100 percent in every movie,his acting was so good and audience loves to watch Manoj Bajpayee’s acting.

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