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India Team ICC T20 World Cup Wiki Record | Twenty20 History Indian Team T20 a much awaited event For all the fans of India Team T20 world cup history here is great news for one and all, the T20 match and tournament is going to start in the month of March 2016 and will be culminated in the month of April in India itself.Now who shall be the participants and who shall play in which team is matter of great question in the India Team Twenty 20 world cup history and all the fans have started crossing their fingers that who shall play with which team and who will be the winner at the end.

India Team Twenty20 World Cup History Wiki

In the Indian Team T20 WC history it is very difficult rather next to impossible to predict as to who will be the winner in the show as the tournament is very unpredictable any time there are major turns and twists in the game and judgement becomes very difficult.

The world cup history is self explanatory as in the year 2007 as team India was the runners up with champion team of Sri Lanka as the defending one.

In the match the Indian team was very positive towards winning as they were being captained by Ms. Dhoni who is very well experienced and has a vast experience.

It has always been observed in the  T20 Indian Team world cup history that once the match gets started the entire stadium is full of audience and the Televisions are on and all the T20 fans are there in front of the TV sets to watch the show.

Team Indian ICC T20 WC History Wiki

With every six, every boundary, every four runs and every wicket the audience and the fans in the Indian Team T20 world cup history splashes with a big applaud and start cheering, dancing, singing and shouting with joy.

Many cricket players from different countries says that it is always a great fun playing in India as in the Indian Team T20 world cup history the audience is very cheerful and enthusiastic and motivates them to play more better.The concept of T20 is liked by maximum individuals, players, nations and cricketers and this concept has become very popular day by day that people wait for it like anything.

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