Pakistan VS India Matches History Since 2010 | Champions Trophy 2017

Pakistan VS India Matches History Since 2010 | Champions Trophy 2017 – The most intense and exciting match is about to happen on 04 June 2017 in Edgbaston, Birmingham. The clash off between the two powerhouses is going to be again a bench mark in the history of India Pakistan Cricket. Both Nation’s Board have taken all precautionary measures considering the conflicts and violence issues ongoing between the two for Pakistan VS India Clash champions trophy 2017. Pakistan VS India Matches history,champions trophy India Vs Pakistan Matches History.

With the rivalry of the India-Pakistan clashes, the excitement is bound to lead to aggression and to a few heated exchanges between players. It is only natural to happen in big games or in competitive sport. But it gets added flavour and vigour when it involves India and Pakistan. Getting irritated with the rigorous comments from both sides is a common sight seen in the last decades. We are again prepared to be spell bound for the India VS Pakistan 2017 Champions trophy. Below is the information related to the history and complexion of the match how it is going to be.


Pakistan VS India Matches history since 2010

The history between the two Cricket giants is inconceivable, with Pakistan dominating India before however India has come back strongly since 2000, the stats between the two teams of history Pakistan VS Match since 2010 follows as below

India                                 Pakistan

5                                                3

hqdefault (1)


The last time these two met was in a 3 match T20 series in which India lost by 2-1, however the record is still in India’s favor concluding their thrice win in world cup 2011, 2013 and 2015. Also the fights between the players have come down a little as it used to be earlier.


India VS Pakistan Champions trophy History

Pakistan has never been beaten by India in champions trophy which will be one factor that would be still cursing Men in Blue. India have been successfully able to clean sweep Pakistan in all matches of ICC tournaments like ODI and T-20 World cup but still haven’t been victorious in this format, let us look at the stats of India VS Pakistan Champions trophy History.

India: 0
Pakistan: 2


India: Winners 2013; Joint-winner 2002
Pakistan: Semi-finalists 2009, 2004, 2000

Key facts:

  • MS Dhoni averages 58.38 against Pakistan with two centuries and nine fifties.
  • Pakistan leads the Champions Trophy tally against India 2-1.
  • Virat Kohli’s high score of 183 in ODIs came against Pakistan.
  • India has never lost to Pakistan in World Cups.

India VS Pakistan Match Expert Opinion

Experts views on the Big is always taken in consideration, both nation’s expert provide useful information about the ongoing and inside stories of both teams, both teams looks very stable as of now according to a source report. Expert Opinion India VS Pakistan Champions trophy matters a lot



as days before the match both nation’s experts as well as Big players start giving tips to the young boys how to react patiently and focus on game and give a sight screening for the win.

This post fends the stories and preparations for the Big Match about to happen between India VS Pakistan champions trophy 2017, if you like this post do not forget to like comment and share on social media.

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