Raveena Tandon’s Daughter Chaya Got Married

Raveena Tandon’s daughter Chaya got Married with Shawn Mendes : Actress Raveena Tandon has handed over her adopted daughter Chaya in to the hand of Shawn Mendes recently in Goa on 25th January. Very close relatives and friends had been invited. the marriage also followed by Hindu and Catholic rituals. Raveena Tandon has shared wedding pictures on her twitter page.

Raveena tondon with her daughter Chaya and Shawn Mendes.
Raveena tondon with her daughter Chaya and Shawn Mendes.

Chaya shared this picture on twitter page and write,  Being handed over by my mother, , to my to be husband  . Chhaya had a beach wedding on January 25th this year.


As the groom is from Goa, the wedding has performed according to both Hindu and Catholic rituals, say close sources. There was also held a mehendi, besides the chuda ceremony and the ghara ghardoli. Those, was  followed by the Catholic rituals.


In october Raveena had tweeted, “My daughter..Chaya..Getting married in January,To Shawn Mendez.a church wedding,I proudly am walking her down the aisle! As father nd mother”

Raveena Tandon suuceeded in to become wedding planner

Finally, Actress Raveena Tandon has become succesful wedding planner, in the nuptials of her youngest adopted daughter Chhaya. Actress had taken on the responsibility of organizing all the ceremonies of her daughter’s fusion wedding.

raveena 4

According to a source close to the family, the idea of turning wedding planner was spurred by all the onscreen weddings she had been part of. Raveena had personally designed each function that has been organised by the bride’s side of the family.”

Raveena adopted her daughters Pooja and Chhaya as a single mother. prior marriage of Chhaya  Pooja got married to a firang in 2011.

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