Rio Olympic 2016 Indian Hockey Men’s Women’s Matches Schedule & Fixtures

Summer Rio Olympic 2016 Indian Hockey Matches Schedule & Fixtures | Time Table :- Multi Sport tournament shall be begin on 5th August to 21st August 2016 and Indian Players is waiting for this event to proved himself in world level.We know the how our players are performed in past but now its time to show Indian talent in world level.Today we share the schedule and fixtures of Hockey matches in Rio Olympic 2016,which is held in Brazil.

Rio Olympic games 2016 Field Hockey

XXXI Olympic Games 2016 Hockey Matches Schedule and Fixtures

The International Hockey Federation (FIH) has announced the Rio Olympic 2016 hockey match schedules and Fixtures for both the men’s and women’s.Total 24 Team (12 men’s and 12 Women’s) are qualified through the World Cup and Championships.

The first Men’s match will played between Great Britain vs Belgium on 6th August 2016 at 12:30 PM IST. Both Indian Teams Men’s and Women’s in Group B.If we talking about the India Match then First Men’s match will played India Vs Ireland,on the other side women’s will face Japan on 7th August at 11 AM.

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Indian Hockey is very famous and fans is waiting to watch Rio Olympic 2016 Hockey Match.Its a first when Quarter Finals stage will introduce in  Olympic hockey competition, With no classification games taking place, only the top four teams from each pool will qualify for the knock-out stages.And the Top Two team of Quarter Final will entered in Semi final.

Indian Women Hockey 2016 Chak De

Men’s and Women’s Match Schedule Summer Olympic Games 2016

18th August 2016 is the when men’s team will played a match for Gold medal and women’s team will Played match for Gold medal on 19th August .

Indian men’s and women’s both team has enter in Pool B.Here is the pool details of men’s and women’s team of Hockey Rio Olympic 2016 Fixtures,time table and schedule.

XXXI Olympic Games 2016 Men’s Hockey Pool

Participating Teams
Pool A      Pool B
Australia Netherlands
Great Britain Germany
Belgium Argentina
New Zealand India
Spain Ireland
Brazil Canada

XXXI Olympic Games 2016 women’s Hockey Pool

Participating Teams
Pool A      Pool B
Netherlands Argentina
New Zealand Australia
China Great Britain
Germany USA
Korea Japan
Spain India

Hockey Rio Olympic 2016 Men’s and Women’s Matches Schedule and Fixtures With Time.


Time and Match

6th August Saturday


10:00–(Men’s) Argentina v Netherlands
11:00–(Men’s) India v Ireland
12:30–(Men’s) Belgium v Great Britain
13:30–(Men’s) Australia v New Zealand
17:00–(Women’s ) Argentina v USA
18:00–(Men’s) Canada v Germany
19:30–(Men’s) Spain v Brazil
20:30–(Women’s) Great Britain v Australia


7th August Sunday


10:00–(Women’s) New Zealand v Republic of Korea
11:00–(Women’s) Japan v India
12:30–(Women’s) Netherlands v Spain
13:30–(Women’s) China v Germany
17:00–(Men’s) Great Britain v New Zealand
18:00–(Men’s) Netherland v Ireland
19:30–(Men’s) Brazil v Belgium
20:30–(Men’s) Australia v Spain


8th August Monday


10:00–(Women’s) Australia v USA
11:00–(Men’s) Germany v India
12:30–(Men’s) Canada v Argentina
13:30–(Women’s) New Zealand v Germany
17:00–(Women’s) Netherlands v Republic of Korea
18:00–(Women’s) India v Great Britain
19:30–(Women’s) Spain v China
20:30–(Women’s) Argentina v Japan


9th August Tuesday


10:00–(Men’s) New Zealand v Spain
11:00–(Men’s) Argentina v India
12:30–(Men’s) Germany v Ireland
13:30–(Men’s) Netherlands v Canada
18:00–(Men’s) Brazil v Great Britain
12:30–(Men’s) Belgium v Great Britain


10th August Wednesday


10:00–(Women’s) Spain v New Zealand
11:00–(Women’s) India v Australia
12:30–(Women’s) Germany v Republic of Korea
13:30–(Women’s) Great Britain v Argentina
17:00–(Women’s) USA v Japan
18:00–(Women’s) China v Netherlands
19:30–(Women’s) New Zealand v Brazil
20:30–(Women’s) Great Britain v Australia

11th August Thursday





10:00–(Men’s) Netherlands v India
11:00–(Men’s) Ireland v Canada
12:30–(Men’s) Argentina v Germany
13:30–(Men’s) Spain v Belgium
17:00–(Women’s) Germany v Spain
18:00–(Women’s) Australia v Argentina
19:30–(Women’s) USA v India
20:30–(Women’s) Japan v Great Britain


12th August Friday


10:00–(Women’s) Republic of Korea v China
11:00–(Women’s) New Zealand v Netherlands
12:30–(Men’s) India v Canada
13:30–(Men’s) Germany v Netherlands
17:00–(Men’s) Great Britain v Spain
18:00–(Men’s) Belgium v New Zealand
19:30–(Men’s) Ireland v Argentina
20:30–(Men’s) Australia v Brazil


13th August Saturday


10:00–(Women’s) Argentina v India
12:30–(Women’s) Netherlands v Germany
17:00–(Women’s) Republic of Korea v Spain
18:00–(Women’s) Great Britain v USA
19:30–(Women’s) Australia v Japan
20:30–(Women’s) China v New Zealand


14th August Sunday (Quarter-Final) Stage


10:00–Men’s Quarter-Final
12:30–Men’s Quarter-Final
18:00–Men’s Quarter-Final
20:30–Men’s Quarter-Final



15th August Monday (Quarter-Final) Stage


0:00–Women’s Quarter-Final
12:30–Women’s Quarter-Final
18:00–Women’s Quarter-Final
20:30–Women’s Quarter-Final

16th August Tuesday  (Semi Final)


12:00–Men’s Semi-Final
17:00–Men’s Semi-Final


17th August Wednesday


12:00–Women’s Semi-Final
17:00–Women’s Semi-Final

18th August Thursday


12:00–Men’s Bronze Medal Match
17:00–Men’s Gold Medal Match


19th August Friday


12:00–Women’s Bronze Medal Match
17:00–Women’s Gold Medal Match


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