Saichen Soldier Hanumanthappa Died | Reason Behind His Death

Indian Army Soldier Lance Naik Hanumanthappa passes away at 11:45 am in Army Hospital,New Delhi.This man has the great effect to survive in Siachen under the 35 feet of ice in  -40 to 50°Celsius temperature after an avalanche hit an Indian Army post in Siachen an altitude of 19,600 feet. Indian Army has lost his 6 to 7 soldier in last week and today they lost one more soldier.

Last few days his medical condition was not so good,doctor always told that in medical bulletin,that his condition was critical and 24 hours is very important bu today at 11:45 am Lance Naik Hanumanthappa death news is come.

Lots of famous person has willing and pray for this man but he left.last two day back Lance Naik family has come to Delhi to saw the Hanumanthappa.In all over the India almost all people is pray for his life.

On social media people has share there views and post there feelings.After the Siachen Miracle Lance Naik Hanumanthappa has passed on Thursday.He lived his life with his wife and one daughter.Hanumanthappa has served in difficult and challenging areas for 10 out of 13 years of his total service.

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