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Shahrukh Khan’s fans are more excited for his most awaited an upcoming Fan movie.But before releasing this movie Director has reveled his film Fan official trailer has been finally released today on Monday.“Fan” Y-Films, by name we can understand that what kind of this movie is. Fan movie shows it’s suspense by uploading three different teaser of the movie. First teaser was published on July 9, 2015 named by FAN – Teaser 1. Then the second teaser published on Nov 1, 2015 named as FAN – Teaser 2. After these two teasers they published Jabra FAN Anthem Song on Feb 16, 2016. This movie is going to release on 15th of April 2016. The movie is based an a guy who is huge fan of Shah Rukh Khan. He always follows him in terms of fashion, acting as well as the morals. The King Khan dedicated this movie to his fans, to those fans that passionately devoted his love and support to him.

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Fan Movie Trailer Audience Review

Fan movie trailer was released on 29th February 2016 at Yash Raj Studios in Mumbai,more then thousand of people are there in the time of launching.The most of the SRK fans worldwide was eagerly waiting for this very moment to watch SRK’s “FanMovie Trailer.An amidst celebration and a crowd of fans who will get a chance to enter the gates of the studio if they are carrying a valid photo ID.

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Let’s talk about star cast of the movie. Shah Rukh Khan is in lead roal in this movie as character of a fan named asGaurav Chandna / Aryan Khanna. Deepika Amin as Gaurav’s mother then Yogendra Tiku as Gaurav’s father. Mariola Jaworska as a Security / Tourist at Madame Tussauds. Noni Harrison as a News Reporter.  And also some good actors give their experiences to this movie.

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Location of the movie is also a part of attraction. This movie is filmed in several different locations. Some of the location details are as follows:- Delhi, Mumbai, Dubrovnik, Croatia, Madame Tussauds, Marylebone, London, England, UK, King’s Cross Station, King’s Cross, London, England, UK. When we were talking about khan movies location is also a very affected and attracted point. This time King Khan filmed this movie in different beautiful locations. This movie is about a fan so he needs to show the deep feeling and connectivity towards his idle. This makes movie much better in the eyes of audiences.

Fan Movie Trailer Public Talks Review

After all this discussion we definitely have one question in our mind and that is, why would we need to watch this movie? Isn’t it? So here some reasons to watch this movie. So number one is the Shah Rukh Khan. As we seen in the all three teasers the Shah Rukh Khan did fantastic job. He changes his face accordingly, looking young like real fan. Second thing is the concept of the movie. Now this is we call new concept something out of the box. And hope this movie make proud to be a fan of the Shah Rukh Khan. Third one is the locations as we already discuss about locations. This movie also holds a very good location spots. Because of most of people also filmed in these locations like Delhi and Mumbai. This time we can see that how could already seen places look different. Forth one is star cast we think we don’t need to talk about this. Only one name is enough to explain everything the Shah Rukh Khan. And list never goes to end.

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