Twenty20 World Cup wiki |T20 WC History| Amazing Facts To Know

Twenty20 World Cup wiki |T20 WC History| Amazing Facts To Know : T20 world cup history is getting popular day by day and people are getting lots of interest in it. Though it is difficult to track the exact time duration but the period from 1998 to 2001 is the period of Twenty20 world cup history. However in the year 2001 the first idea of the shortened form of cricket narrates the T20 world cup history.

t20 world cup history twenty20 wiki
t20 world cup history twenty20 wiki

Twenty20 World Cup wiki Amazing Facts To Know

To talk about the forum of the game, the concept of 40 over was started in which the length of the over were cut short from 50 each team to 20 each team leading it to Twenty20, more popularly named as T20.

On a very formal ground the T20 cricket tournament was introduced to the entire world in the year 2003 by ECB with the slogan ‘I don’t like cricket, I love it’. In the Twenty20 world cup history, the tournament was organized in England for the first time where cricket teams from many countries from all over the world were invited to come and participate and play the game.T20 tops team in crickets are India,Australia,New Zealand,Srilanka,Pakistan,Bangladesh,England,West Indies.

The first tournament in England proved out to be a big success and spectators from all over the world admired and appreciated the game a lot and very soon this T20 got huge attention and other nations playing cricket also started noticing it.

BRIDGETOWN, BARBADOS - MAY 15:  The Men's and Women's series trophies are pictured ahead of the ICC World Twenty20 Final at the Kensington Oval on May 15, 2010 in Bridgetown, Barbados.  (Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images)

The T20 wc history soon became a big success and other big countries started organizing similar kind of tournament in their country too. The Twenty20 wc history created magic, people from all over the world started waiting for this tournament to take place.

The best part of T20 is the time duration. The duration is small and this adds more energy and magic in the show.

Countries like New Zealand, South Africa, India, and Australia started taking active part in the tournament and many countries not only participated in the show but also started organizing the show in their own country as well.

The T20 world cup history is very vast and interesting and fans of cricket finds it very interesting to read and know more and more about it to gain their knowledge and enhance it.

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