When PM Modi pulles Akshay Kumar’s son Aarav Bhatia’s Ear

when PM Modi pulls Aarav Bhatia’s ear It has been a proud moment for evrey parents to see their childeren being sucess. think, what happen if the Majesty close down with childrens and become a child, but it is seen at Vishakahspattanam in the International Fleet Review 2016 (IFR 2016). when the majesty of India PM Modi cose down to Aarav Bhatia and puuled his Ear, Aarav’s Parents Actor Akshay kumar and Twinkle khanna feel proud and shared their emotions on twitter.

PM MODI pulles Aarav's Ear
PM MODI pulles Aarav’s Ear

Dad Akshay tweeted, , Proud moment in a father’s life, when the Prime Minister pulls your son’s ear in jest & calls him a good boy 😉 . while-

 Mom Twinkle Khanna shared this proud moments also, she tweets, When a picture is truly worth a thousand words..

Akshay kumar and Twinkle shared their emotions on twitter

The International Fleet Review is hosting by Indian Navy, Government of India at Vishakhapatnam and will continue till 8 februaru 2016. close to 75 Indian warships and 24 from Navies across the globe sailed past the Presidential yacht- INS Sumitra, that, besides Mukherjee hosted Prime Minister Narendra Modi, defence minister Manohar Parrikar, three service chiefs besides others.

PM Modi cheared up too, he tweeted.

Seeing the proficiency & indigenous nature of technology used by our navy makes me very proud.

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